Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank goodness for weekends!!!

Kim, Carissa and I had a little girls night out. We laughed a ton and I think they enjoyed their night without the kids.
Can't beat Chilis! Well, except the milkshakes, which are not up to Kim's standards.
I started pre-packing for Greece. Talk about crazy! I think I might be paying the extra $100 to check a second bag.
Kati and I hiked Spencer's Butte this weekend. It was a gorgeous day and it was super fun!
Kati and I made it to the top and we made sure to take a picture for evidence.
This is our type of hiking. We kept answering our phones. The people calling us were always surprised that we were hiking. I wonder why?


  1. First off you look GREAT Emily!!! I knew you were going to Greece but I didn't know this soon! I am so excited for you. Hiking...brings back YW camp days :)

  2. Thanks Ash! I am so excited to go! I will be sure to blog, while I am there.

  3. hiking spencers butte? You girls are crazy, but good for you. That hike kicked my butt last time I attemped it.

    Oh, those fond memories of Chilis...I love the picture that Carissa took...of me and you :)