Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Leon/Mason/Slaughter Style

My friends' daughters, Jacy and Lanie, were the most delightful little mice in the Nutcracker in Cottage Grove.
My old roommate, Naomi, had an "Office" themed Christmas party. I came as Meredith and she was Phyllis. I found a flask at World Market and the outfit at St. Vincent's. Don't worry though, I didn't flash anyone at the party.

My dad at 8pm on Christmas Eve. A word of advice...don't plan anything for my dad after 5pm.
Katie and Sydney were a little hyper on Christmas Eve, so I captured some of their moves on film.
Audrey sure looks sad for a little girl on Christmas Eve.
Whenever I have my camera, I have Katie do her "big eyes" for me. This was a picture of her Christmas Eve "big eyes".
Charlie was reading to little Rory on Christmas morning. He is such a good cousin!
Sydney and Grandpa having fun!
After much convincing, Amanda agreed to join Rory and Audrey for a little binky break.
Amanda and Jed made Katie, Sydney and Audrey the most BEAUTIFUL treasure boxes. They put so many hours into them and they turned out adorable. The girls loved them!


  1. Fun! I laughed so hard about Naomi's office party. Love it! I love seeing kids on Christmas Eve. They get so wacky :)Sad that I missed seeing you:(

  2. You were such a good Meredith!!!

  3. I think you might have THE CUTEST nieces and nephew. I am very biased though. I think that it was a pretty good Christmas...we know how to party!