Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This weeks obsession

My new rain boots from Target are my latest obsession. As my coworkers can attest, I am a little anal and quite frankly eccentric, when it comes to the weather ruining my pants and shoes. Most days, I wear my ugly fake Uggs with my pants tucked inside them into work. Once I am safely inside I change into high heels or cute flats. Well, my ugly fake Uggs are about as rain resistant as flip flops, so I broke down and bought some rain boots. Who knew something so functional could be so freakin cute? SOOO worth waiting outside Target at 8am so that I could buy boots before work!


  1. Those boots are so cute!! I just bought Bennett some rain boots today because he really wants to go puddle jumping, and I was considered getting a pair for myself. I think you have convinced me. :)

  2. very cute! I 'm sure you look stinking cute in them too. Shall we go puddle jumping?

  3. I want some!!! Love your choice :)
    I just went to a farm on a field trip and I was the only person without rain boots:( I gotta get in on this trend!
    p.s. I am impressed that you change into heels once you get to work. I can definitely see myself staying in the comfy UGGs

  4. So after you told me about your boots, Jed and I saw them at Target. I thought they were so cute and I was saying to him, I bet those are the boots Emily got! Now I want some.