Monday, March 8, 2010

Carnivale Parade in Greece

I am not sure who that float was supposed to be of, but I am assuming it was a character from Greek mythology.
I love kids, but I wanted to kill that little boy. He kept shooting his fake gun and it was worse than fireworks and balloons popping.
I fell in love with this little greek girl. I love her curly hair and glasses!
I think this might have to do with soccer??? I took a picture for Jed because it said Brazil.
Can you guess what the boxes represent? Apparently, Greeks feel over taxed even worse than Americans.
More taxes protesting...
And more...They really aren't fans of taxes!
Got to love men in tights, leotards and tutus!
I was a little jealous of that little girl :-)
Impressive splits!
I don't think this is the type of bar these men are usually at.
Gotta love this guy!

Nice!!!!!He was my favorite! I love his ponytail!


  1. Interesting... That is some pretty funny get up:)I can just see you seething as that little boy pops his gun :)


    that is all I gotta say!

  3. That looks like sooo much fun! What's better than men dressed in drag? That cutel ittle girls you took a picture of looks like she could be your daughter...hmmm :)