Monday, February 15, 2010

This is an alley in Chania. Chania is the nearest big city. I absolutely fell in love with all of the alleys and stairways in Chania.
Another street in Chania... It was so fun to explore all the little knooks in the city.
Greece is full of little doors. They are everywhere. I made Jebin pose in front of this little church door to show how short it really is.
On one of the first days that I was in Greece we drove through the mountains looking a small villages. It was pouring and the roads were super dangerous, but we survived and saw a lot of cool stuff.
We stopped at a small coastal village and had lunch. This was my first bite ever of Octupus. It wasn't too bad.


  1. Oh my gosh I am so glad that you have finally posted!! It looks amazing there, and I am incredibly jealous. You look fabulous as well, of course. We miss you and can't wait for you to come home...although I am sure you feel opposite about coming home! Keep enjoying yourself, it is the trip of a lifetime so live it up (but I'm sure you will have many more). Love you!

  2. Looks like you're having fun. I'm glad you got a chance to post some pictures. It looks beautiful. I can't wait to see more.

  3. Octopus, nasty! You truly are a brave girl. It is so pretty there, but why the short doors? I can't wait to hear all about your vacation when you get home. Have fun!