Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Awbrey Park park adventure

I babysat the kids on Saturday night and took them to Awbrey Park park. It was super fun tramping through the woods with them! We were having a great time until I noticed bumps all over Sydney's hands and face. I thought that Sydney had poison oak and so I called Laura and David and they met us at Urgent Care. This is proof that nothing good ever happens when I try to be outdoorsy! It turned out that Sydney had hives from a virus. She had been sick earlier in the week, but seemed to be fine on Saturday. I was very relieved that she didn't have poison oak.

What a cute little family! I bet Laura would love if they always got along this well.
I love Sydney's little cocked hip! She is so...Fancy Nancy! I love it!
Sydney is fearless! She ran across the log over and over.

Audrey loved going across the log! She is such a little angel!
Katie struggled with her fear of heights while Charlie and Sydney ran back and forth across the log.
You can't see Audrey, but I am holding her in my other arm. Good thing we didn't fall because I don't which I would have saved, Audrey or my favorite handbag. We could probably clean Audrey up, but I don't think my handbag would be quite so resilient.
Katie may not be brave when it comes to running across logs, but she sure is darn cute!
All the kids love underdogs. I got quite the workout.


  1. these pictures are great. What a fun day. You are such a great aunt. The best!

  2. Wow, you are a better mother than me already :) I love those pictures Em, you are quite the photographer. Little Katie does look like an angel in that close up photo, I love it! Can you be my children's aunt?