Saturday, October 31, 2009


I always love Halloween and this year was no exception.

Amanda and Jed had a costume party that was super fun. Jed, Amanda and Rory were a slammin rock band. My dad was America, if you couldn't tell. I was Frenchie from Grease and my mom was "The Lady in Purple". Laura was a fairy and David was a super hero.

Sydney was the perfect Velma from Scooby Doo.

Heck! I guess I make a pretty good Velma, too. I was just in my pajamas when they came to trick or treat. I didn't notice how much I resembled Sydney until I was looking at the pics.

I loved having my nieces and nephew over to trick or treat! This was the first "all cousins" picture.

Due to Rory's extensive wardrobe, she had the luxury of having two different Halloween costumes. When Rory came to my house to trick or treat she was an adorable little kitten.

I frequently have the urge to steal Rory and her little kitty costume did not help that craving.

It is so important for ballerinas to refuel and so Audrey took this opportunity to snack on some popcorn.

Katie is a terrific hippie and a great cousin. She adores Rory and Rory adores her.


  1. I love how festive you and your family got!!! I loved the Frenchie outfit! So sad that we missed seeing the outfits in person!

  2. I love seeing your cute nieces and nephew. Your whole family is very festive!

  3. Oh I love all of the cousins together, they just make me smile! I can't wait to take more pictures of them. I love your background. It looks fabulous, just like you :) Love ya!

  4. You all looked so great Emily! I LOVE the Velma costume on Sydney, that was perfect, and you do kind of look alike in that picture :) You must be proud Aunt!